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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mod Laksana Tourista Free Support V1.23-V1.30 - ETS2 Mod Indonesia

Original model by Bang Jarwo
Convert to ETS2 by Bang Jarwo (AC)
Model steer Hino by Amirul Mustofa
Sound by Adril Andryan
Wheeldop by Ekik

Cara pakai :
  • Aktifkan mod yang ada di rar
  • Beli bis di dealer VOLVO
  • costum wheel :
  • pilih wheel minibus
  • pilih disc laksana mini
  • pilih hub laksana
  • pilih nuts laksana

If you are coming from outside Indonesia, I hope you appreciate our work by not editing/acknowledge our mod. Thanks.
If you are one of the people of Bangladesh that often steal our mod (Indonesia Mods), please go away because you guys are too low CPM for Adsense..