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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Mod Bus FREE EP 3.5 Scania Touring by M. Husni - Mod Bus Indonesia

Here, i'm going to release this mod. Firstly, I wanna tell you that this mod has not finished yet, actually this mod is almost done. I gave everything to be able to finish this mod quickly. Unfortunately, my computer wont boot and I still have to go to college (finish my semester). So I cant keep this mod in my google drive anymore. It would be better if release this soon.

How To Use:
  • Put scaniatouring_mhusni.scs and skinpack_scaniatouring.scs into Document/Euro Truck Smiluator 2/mod
  • Aktive it in Mod Manager
  • Buy Bus in Dealer Scania
  • This Mod Work in ETS2 V1.31
  • Use Def V1.30 if U Have Another Version
The Order Mod :
  • def_basemod_edit
  • def_livery
  • scaniatouring
  • skinpack_scaniatouring
Features :
  • 2 Cabin UK and UE
  • Include DLC Griffin
  • More Detailing Model
  • Light Interior Accessories
  • Wheel Cover Scania
  • High Quality Texture
For Donation : M.Husni

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